The Halfway Point of 2015

Even though I take multiple opportunities each year to "start fresh," I do tend to use January 1 as an indicator of goals and resolutions. So here we are exactly halfway through 2015 and let me tell you, like everything, it's been good and bad. Two thousand fifteen is all about exploring creativity, building a foundation and establishing habits to better my relationships, work and health. Sounds ambitious, right? I've established three new habits that have made a world of difference: journalling, yoga and my sketchbook. Yes, it's been hard, but I stuck with it... kind of. :)

The sketchbook is the toughest one, but it has been the most inspiring thing I've done in quite a while. Here are my self-imposed rules: try your hardest to spend a minimum of 1 hour drawing or painting in my Rendr sketchbook every day and document it on Instagram and my Tumblr. Mondays, holidays, weekends – all of them. I haven't been a drill sergeant about it, but making time for it feels good. It feels right. Some days I fill two pages and sometimes only half, but I've completed 111 pages that have made me stronger, given me new ideas and connected me to new clients and projects that make my heart happy. Mid-way through I upgraded my iPhone to a 6, hallelujah! Photos have gotten clearer and brighter since then. Here are a few of my favorite pages and spreads: