Earth Day Giveaway on Clean Slate

This might be news to some readers, but I actually have another blog that has been in existence since 2006 when I got engaged at the young age of 21. It started as a place to inform our wedding guests of the happenings surrounding our semi-destination celebration at Ringling Museum of Art in Sarasota, FL, but morphed as the years went by into a blog about making a home, traveling and living creatively. It's titled Clean Slate, because with each new season, trip and move my husband, Dylan, and I make, we envision fresh starts and endless opportunities to build relationships, make a difference in the community and have fun exploring new cities and destinations. The blog is a place where I take a break and recharge, while sharing things we find happiness in.

I digress...

Tomorrow is Earth Day! Over on Clean Slate I'm giving away an 8" x 10" framed art print I designed. Head on over if you're interested to see how to enter! I'll be hosting more giveaways in the future so be sure to follow me on Facebook and Twitter to keep up!