Adding Graphic Recording to My Repertoire

In the fall of 2015 I was approached to provide graphic recording services for a school within the University of Michigan at a round-table event. Although I've always used visual notetaking, or sketchnoting as it is sometimes referred, for my own personal notes, I had never done graphic recording on a whiteboard or large paper backdrops live in front of a group of people! I knew I possessed the ability to graphic record, but could I overcome the nerves that I was struggling with? 

Six events and many practice and preparation hours later, I can say yes! I was able to look past the people staring at me and concentrate on the topic at large and distilling the information visually. Graphic recording is becoming an invigorating part of my business that provides a whole new outlet and a large-scale canvas for brainstorms, theories, proposals, conversations and storytelling. 

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