100 Days of Design Breaks

Creative Stretches : Finding New Lives for Old Designs and Ideas

In so many parts of life, "old" is such a negative descriptor, but does it have to be? In an age of fast everything, technology updating every minute, and instantly published trends – items mature and become outdated within moments of being created. At least it can feel that way... especially to the makers.

As an artist and designer, I have files full of small icons, sketches and lettering that has been scanned or created that no one ever sees. I used to see these as "old," but I'm trying to shift my perspective and view these small pieces of bigger projects as little treasures that have potential to have other lives. Often, on their own, they are just as interesting as in a pattern or design!

To put these out into the world, rather than keep them in folders on my computer, I started posting one a day on my
Instagram and Tumblr using the hashtag #100daysofdesignbreaks. The icons are mixed in with my sketches and other posts, but I'm happy that they are published and hopefully inspiring others now rather than just in my digital archives.

Perhaps you have possessions, ideas or work that could inspire you that you've forgotten about as well? It might be uncomfortable to share these things, but it also might be a path to new ideas!