Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014 Entry

A few weeks ago, I decided to enter the Lilla Rogers Global Talent Search 2014. As I posted on my Facebook, this is considered by many to be the equivalent of American Idol in the licensed art industry. In my opinion, Lilla Rogers reps a pretty specific type of illustrator/designer, which I don't consider myself to be exactly in line with. You can check out all her artists here to see for yourself. That said, you never know what style reps might be looking for when anticipating future clients and development for current one, so I decided it would be a fun experience and couldn't come up with any reasons not to give it a try!

The project brief sent out called for a piece of wall art with the theme of terrariums. I did a lot of brainstorming, sketching and gathered a lot of beautiful inspiration, which you can see on my GTS 2014 Pinterest board.

My Focus and Thought-Process

  • Create something I would want to hang in my own home or studio.
  • Incorporate folk art inspired elements since that suites my style as well as the trends for upcoming seasons.
  • Focus on surface pattern, but create a central image rather than a repeat pattern.
  • Limited color palette (most spaces I am inspired by online and in magazines are simple, modern and incorporate only a few colors or even just black of white with just an accent color).
  • Show layers and development within the design.
  • Use my own hand lettering or calligraphy to incorporate a thoughtful word expressing a core value of my creativity. 

So there you have it and here is my final submission!