Why I Do What I Do : Freedom to Make a Mess + Patterns

Yesterday while waiting for various replies from clients I was digging around in our hall closet where I keep my straggling art supplies I found not one sumi ink block and stick, but two! I watched a couple YouTube videos to refresh my memory on how to get the ink just the right amount of blackness and to inspire some different brush techniques and then set out to make a real mess while experimenting.

This is one of my favorite processes for making patterns! Using the abstract brushstrokes, shapes and letters I can make so many different things. In this instance I vectorized them, played with color palettes and then developed a collection I titled Caraway Ink

This whole process is why I chose to focus on surface pattern design as my career. I love each and every step leading up to making patterns! What type of surface or product do you think Caraway Ink would look best on???