Surtex Solo

So, my travels to Surtex didn't start out particularly smoothly... Dylan (my husband) and my flights out of Detroit Friday afternoon were cancelled before we even left for the airport and there were no other even semi-reasonable flights available until Sunday. (Me as we drove to the airport to convene with our other show helper/aunt, Meegan, in a stunned, oh-so-rational tone: "Uh, that isn't going to work...") The alternative – DRIVE! 

Well, lucky for us, our only car is a reliable Prius! Our trip across Ohio and Pennsylvania was therefore inexpensive and comfortable. The three of us left Michigan about 2:30 PM and arrived, 607 miles later, in the Garment District of NYC around 1:30 AM. 

That was the only major snafu of the show! Unless you count me being a total nervous wreck on Sunday morning, but I got over that once I got to the booth and got settled for the three day adventure! Here are a few photos of my both in progress and completed:

I had awesome helpers that traveled from Virginia – pros at assembling Ikea furniture!

I had awesome helpers that traveled from Virginia – pros at assembling Ikea furniture!

All in all it was a fantastic experience and in addition to making connections with professionals looking for patterns, I met some lovely designers and artists! I was so pleased with how my booth came together and had only a couple small things I would consider doing differently next year, like maybe just plan on driving from the get-go and separating out my portfolio of patterns in a more themed manner. For example separate books for holiday or seasonal patterns. Now, as you'll hear all other Surtex exhibitors exclaim, "It's all about the follow-up." 

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